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Second Chance Learning

SCLA Vision and Purpose

SCLA Vision and Purpose


The Second Chance Learning Academy exists to Empower - Enable - Equip second chance learners to thrive - those held back or set back by personal challenges, circumstances or environment.

Through transformational equipped2succeed programmes, collaboration with organisations and innovative thinking, we provide the tools to enable organisations to acheive more for their community and equip individuals to thrive.

Second Chance Learning Academy’s purpose is to:

  • enable young people and adults to thrive, maintain their wellbeing and realise their potential and contribute to building stronger and more prosperous communities;
  • provide the best training, materials and support for organisations to deliver the highest quality learning and development with greater positive impact and outcomes for individuals.
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Strategic Objectives:


Equip individuals with the core thinking, attitudes and behaviours, employability and enterprise capability to create their own posiive future.

Partner with organisations to make a real difference.

License organisations to deliver tried and tested, award-winning equipped2succeed programmes through providing training, resources and on-going support;

Co-produce programmes with those with lived experience to improve relevance and impact of training for specific communities of need.

Integrate equipped2succeed personal development with specific elements and themes - financial capabiluty and wellbeing, health and fitness, wellbeing, creativity, employability, enterprise capability.

Reduce the human and economic costs of wasted potential by improving individuals’ capacity to thrive and contribute through improving volunteering, internship, employment and self-employment opportunities for second chance learners.

Engage second chance learners in our governance and management so that they influence the development of SCLA.

Create equipped2succeed hubs to provide on-going support and development for participants and facilitators.

Demonstrate the value of our programmes for specific communities of need through running specific targeted projects. 

Demonstrate the long-term impact of our approach through longitudinal evaluation studies.

Build a sustainable social business model that makes a real difference for individuals and communities.

Recognise achievement and celebrate success through equipped2succeed Second Chance Learner Awards.



Empower – Enable – Equip

The best way to predict our future is to create it!




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