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Second Chance Learning

SCLA Vision and Purpose

SCLA Vision and Purpose

 Second Chance Learners are young people and adults,

limited by personal challenges and/or social and economic disadvantage.


The Second Chance Learning Academy exists to improve the quality and impact of learning and development with second chance learners.

Through transformational equipped2succeed personal development training programmes, practical support for organisations and innovative thinking, we provide the means to enable and equip second chance learners. This means they are able to move from social dependency to personal, educational, social and economic wellbeing. Our training and support builds the capacity of organisations to achieve this.

Second Chance Learning Academy’s purpose is to:

  • enable young people and adults to realise their potential so that they can contribute to building stronger and more prosperous communities;
  • reduce the costs to society of wasted potential;
  • work with organisations to enable them to deliver our equipped2succeed programmes;
  • provide the best training, materials and support for organisations to deliver the highest quality learning and development with consistently high outputs and positive outcomes.
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Strategic Objectives:

Reduce the costs to society of wasted potential by improving individuals’ capacity to contribute, by developing core attitudes, thinking and behaviours, employability and enterprise capability.

Support organisations working with second chance learners to deliver high quality personal development programmes through providing on-going training, resources and support.

Partner with education and training organisations to improve the recruitment, retention, progression and attainment of learners.

Co-produce programmes with those with lived experience to improve relevance and impact of training for specific communities of need.

Integrate personal development with specific technical programmes, eg. vocational courses, sports, arts.

Train second chance learners and provide employment and self-employment opportunities to deliver programmes.

Engage second chance learners in our governance and management so that they can influence the development of SCLA.

Build centres of excellence for second chance learners through working with organisations to develop SCLA Hubs.

Demonstrate the value of our programmes for specific communities of need through running specific targeted projects. 

Link our programmes with appropriate accreditation.

Demonstrate the long-term impact of our approach through longitudinal evaluation studies.

Recognise achievement and celebrate success through Second Chance Learner Awards.


Empower – Enable – Equip

The best way to predict our future is to create it!




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