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Second Chance Learning


Modules and Programmes


equipped2succeed Modules and Programmes

equipped2succeed has been developed from recognising what it really takes to succeed and working with second chance learners of all ages.

Programmes equip participants to take responsibility, increase their self–reliance and resilience, make the most of opportunities and make a positive contribution.

               Human & Economic Cost   ............   to   ............   Achievement & Contribution

               Reliance & Dependency    ............   to   ............   Self-Reliance & Independence



equipped2succeed Programmes enable participants to:

Understand what it takes to succeed;

Raise aspiration and improve motivation;

Challenge and support participants to aim higher and improve;

Improve core capabilities essential for personal, social and economic well-being;

Take responsibility, set goals and take steps to achieve them;

Increase their self-belief, confidence and positive  attitude;

Improve their capacity to learn and develop;

Develop core CBI employability and presentation skills;

Do what it takes to manage personal, social and professional relationships, and work effectively with others;

Contribute - socially and economically.


equipped2succeed Programmes are built around core modules, tailored for learner needs and integrated with other programmes. 

Core Modules

These are the foundation modules of any e2s programme.

  • e2s Introduction to the Framework
  • e2s Our Amazing Winning Brain
  • e2s Positive Me
  • e2s Building Self-Belief from Within
  • e2s Always Learning
  • e2s Maximise Energy D.E.A.R.
  • e2s Manage Relationships
  • e2s Set Goals

Further Modules

These are further e2s modules that deepen participants understanding, skills and capabilities.

  • e2s Manage Stress
  • e2s Always Learning Learning Styles - beyond V.A.K.
  • e2s Self-Belief – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • e2s Self-Belief – Values
  • e2s Manage Relationships Assertiveness
  • e2s Manage Relationships Emotional Literacy
  • e2s Manage Relationships Teamwork
    focus on skills developed throughout e2s in mini-team challenges

Underpinning Themes

The following are underpinning, recurring themes that are brought into all learning and may be emphasised in specific modules. There are also specific activities that can be brought into programmes according to the needs of learners.

  • e2s Take Responsibility
    for our attitudes, thinking and behaviours
  • e2s Be Passionate
    pursue your passions – be enthusiastic
  • e2s Be Persistent Build resilience
    see barriers as creative challenges, see set-backs as learning opportunities
  • e2s Relaxation Visualisation Mental Rehearsal
    this process is a tool to reinforce all elements of e2s

Developing Core Technical Ability Modules

All those who succeed develop technical ability in their chosen field of endeavour but there are some core capabilities and skills that we all need to develop that build on other equipped2succeed modules.

  • e2s Presentation Skills
    Presenting information, ourselves, our ideas
  • e2s Interview Skills
    Analysis and Practise
  • e2s Developing Technical Ability
    A range of core transferable skills
  • e2s Employability Skills
    Focus and reflection on core CBI Employability Skills
  • e2s Financial Capability
    Understanding money personality and essential financial skills

Enterprise Modules

For many individuals self-employment / starting their own business is the best option. Also, many employment opportunities are with smaller organisations that need employees to be enterprising.

  • e2s Enterprise Capability
    Developing Core Enterprise Capabilities
  • e2s Social Enterprise Challenge
    Learners work in teams to develop business ideas
  • e2s Business Basics
    Key elements of Business Planning, Finance, Marketing & Sales
  • Social Enterprise ‘Dragon’s Den’
    Teams present their ideas to a group of local business / community leaders

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