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Second Chance Learning

equipped2succeed Hubs

equipped2succeed Hubs 

We are building on our work to establish equipped2succeed Hubs with partner organisations to provide:

  • equipped2succeed programmes and projects;
  • follow-up support, tailored to diverse social, learning and cultural needs, to enable participants to maintain their development, achieve their goals and set up their own support networks and activities in their community. This includes:

                coaching and mentoring for completers to move on;

                e2s support and development networks lead by past participants;

                drop-in sessions on specific topics etc.

  • links for equipped2succeed programme ‘graduates’ into accredited training, volunteering, employment or starting their own enterprise;
  • routes for individuals to become lisenced equipped2succeed facilitators for their community / community of need;
  • undertake further research to demonstrate impact and continuously improve Social Return On Investment;
  • contribute to community networks, forums and activities to build collaboration and greater working together.



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