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Second Chance Learning

What we do


Empower - Enable - Equip

The Second Chance Learning Academy (SCLA) seeks to improve the quality, impact and value of learning and development for second chance leaners; those limited by personal challenges and social and economic disadvantage.

Our work focuses on enabling those with personal and professional lived experience to deliver holistic, systematic personal development with their community of need; transforming lives through learning


  • work with organisations to improve impact and social value with our award winning, proven equipped2succeed programmes;

  • provide the best training, materials and support for organisations to deliver the highest quality learning and development with consistently positive outcomes.

  • provide prorgammes that equip young people and adults to realise their potential so that they can be self-determining; achieve personal, social and economic well-being, and contribute to building stronger and more prosperous communities;

  • seek to reduce the human and economic cost, to indivoduals and society, of wasted potential.


SCLA provides:

Transformational equipped2succeed programmes that equip second chance learners to positively move forward and determine their own positive future.

Comprehensive training, continuous professional development and support for organisations, staff and volunteers working with second chance learners. 

The highest quality resources and support that give facilitators the toolkit they need to make a real difference.

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equipped2succeed Personal Development and Employability 

equipped2succeed Modules, Workshops, Events and Programmes are built around core modules, tailored for learner needs. We are integrating e2s with other programmes to more holistically meet the needs of a variety of communities of need, such as equipped2succeed and physical activity for mental health and wellbeing.  

equipped2succeed - Training the Trainer

Comprehensive training programme that enables participants to deliver effective equipped2succeed modules and programmes for their community and clients:

  • 10 session training programme – tailored according to prior experience
  • Delivery of taster sessions with appropriate community of need - supported by the trainer.
  • 6 months access to mentoring by the programme author or an experienced lead facilitator
  • Access to comprehensive resources and on-going support detailed below. 

Continuous Professional Development

Courses cover a whole range of topics focused on quality learning and development – developing people, the learning process and acheiving quality outcomes. 

Courses are tailored for organisational needs and a brief conversation will establish whether we can help. 

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Resources and On-going Support

We are aware that sometimes the best people to facilitate learning are those with lived experience, who may not have a training background. We have therefore created an infrastructure of support to enable trained facilitators to provide the highest quality learning experiences and outcomes – irrespective of background or prior experience.

Trained facilitators and partner organisations have access, via the Associate Area of the SCLA site, to a whole range of ‘scaffolding’ to support them so they can focus on quality engagement and delivery.

All the materials and resources to deliver equipped2succeed modules, easily accessible and adaptable:

  • session plans and draft module programmes – with each session designed to meet the needs of all learning needs and preferences
  • powerpoint presentations with facilitator notes
  • activities – to motivate and embed learning
  • hand-outs – a range of materials that can be used flexibly to suit the needs of learners
  • evaluation framework and templates 

Best practice:

  • sample programmes to see how modules may be put together to create development opportunities that best suit learner needs
  • tried and tested ideas and activiities that enagage, inspire and enable learners 

SCLA Facilitator Quality Framework 

We have co-produced a quality framework with facilitators and learners with lived experience that covers every aspect of quality facilitation – including attitudes, thinking and behaviours!  

SCLA Training webinars

All trained facilitators have access to regular webinars, each focused on an area designed to update thinking, understanding and skills. Delivered by our lead trainer, Beverley Burton, and a range of associates and partners, they are accessible live and recorded webinars are a way of facilitators accessing the support they need, as and when they need it. 

SCLA Q & A sessions

All trained faciliators have access to regular Q&A sessions, each focused on an area or community of need. These are designed to support facilitators who are likely to be working with some of the learners most in need in our communities. They provide on-going support for those working remotely and in challenging circumstances.

SCLA Trainers’ Forum

Our on-line forum is designed to enable trainers to share best practice and work creatively together to find solution


Extended programmes to develop:

  • enterprise capability
  • business and economic understanding
  • financial capability
  • enterprise in action - community projects, self-employment, businesses, social enterprises


A series of modules that develop participants' leadership skills and capabilities, tailored for organisational and individual needs, in line with the equipped2lead Framework.  

Please contact us for further information. 


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