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Second Chance Learning

Posted July 10, 2016 at 11:05 a.m.

University of Leicester Summer School

equipped2succeed Summer School

The equipped2succeed Summer School is a collaboration with the University of Leicester Widening Participation team. It is different from other, more academic, summer schools, in that it really develops young people’s personal capacity and wellbeing.

In a focused, packed programme, combining a team challenge with specialist workshops, equipped2succeed builds young people’s capacity to aim high, believe in themselves, develop teamwork, presentation and communication skills, manage themselves more effectively and realise their goals.



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‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I know now that I want to come here (University of Leicester) and do medicine’. Kanoj

‘I came on this summer school because it was different. All the others were academic but we do that all the time. My school wanted me to go to a Chemistry Summer School at Oxford but this was the only one that I thought would make a real difference to me and it has.’ Sumiha (from Lancashire)

‘I’ve learnt that nobody has the right to limit my future! I can do it if I chose to! Thank you for this amazing experience’ Kajal

‘Don’t let life determine who you are. Let who you are determine your life’. Imran

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‘I have had an amazing time! The team has been amazing and I’ve had some great advice from everyone at the University of Leicester. I have finally faced my fears and I feel like I’ve created a better path for me to walk down in the future. Thank you’ Sammie

‘A really great experience. The best way to experience University!’ Maithilie

‘I had lots of fun and also learned a lot. This experience was brilliant!’ Sam

‘It was very inspirational and has given me more confidence and I am now more motivated’ Ailsa

‘These skills should be promoted everywhere to help everyone be successful!’ Oliwia

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Extracts from young peoples' feedback 

     learning > development > impact:

  An alternative approach to thinking


Building confidence

                                         Communication skills                                           

Forced to be creative and be out of my comfort zone

The absence of technology helps you be more creative

                                                                  Working well in a team

                        I pushed my comfort zone with speaking in public

                                                  Learned to work quickly with people I didn’t know

      I feel like I know a lot more about the brain and how I can make the most out of it

                                           How to train and re-wire my thoughts

                                                    I now understand how managing my thinking relates to success

 Identifying qualities in myself that I didn’t know I had

                                                  I learned more about myself and my self-worth/confidence

                             There are more things I am good at than I thought. Thankfully I now know them

It’s not wrong to say good things / feel good about yourself                                                            

                                           Know that having confidence isn’t the same as showing off

                         INSPIRED – I now believe I can achieve anything                                                          

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Believe in myself more – remove barriers of negativity

                                Learning the belief cycle and how I can use it to develop self-belief

                Stay open minded and stay positive, don’t let negative thoughts bring you down

How to have a positive mind-set

                                           Got the tools to build my confidence

                                       Only you can decide your future not some strangers

Ways to be more confident, and see my strengths. Ways of positive thinking

        Learnt more about myself and my qualities. Became more confident and stopped under-estimating myself

                                    Learnt important life stuff

                                                  Arrogance v self-belief: what the difference is

Became more confident with meeting and talking with new people

                                      Empowering: very, very useful


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 Learnt the importance of setting goals and setting steps to achieve them

The actual proof of the benefits of goal setting was good

I have now written down a goal that I want to achieve


 I feel my goal will come true now that I have written it down

Goal setting allowed me to realise a larger picture of my goals and not just what I aim for in the next 2 hours

        By setting smaller goals along the way the biggest goal became closer and achievable

  I’ve set a goal that will be a huge motivational best for A2 when I complete it

Taught me how to spend my time effectively. Made me realise how much time I wasted every single day

Allowed me to review how I spend my time at home and where my time is going

                              The importance of the ‘third 8’                              Spend the third 8 hours wisely

The session was good in helping me to set time goals and do things that are most important

 I’ve learnt what an elevator pitch consists of and how to achieve it step by step during its presentation

Being economic with what you say (the amount) is key.

                                                    Writing down goals clears up so much.

Need to have enthusiasm in your pitch to actually make your target audience listen to you and change their mind on something

     You have to show your passion. If you don’t seem interested why should anybody else?

                                                             Personal ‘elevator pitch’ practice – great for motivation

                             I learnt how to achieve what I want and make my dreams a reality

                           Empower       >          Enable          >       Equip

Contact: to find out more about equipped2succeed programmes and events with young people

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