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Second Chance Learning

Exciting Development with Nottingham City Homes Tenant Academy

After discussing exactly how we may support NCH Tenant Academy with their Employability Manager, we begin an equipped2succeed Core Programme on Monday 21st September at Edwards Lane Community Centre. This will run 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks, followed by a celebration event. It's a marvellous opportunity for SCLA and two co-facilitators from the community, who have successfully completed the equipped2succeed training.

The programme aims to:

  • develop participants understanding of what it takes to succeed;
  • enable participants’ to increase self-belief, confidence and positive attitude;
  • raise aspiration and improve motivation;
  • build the capacity of participants to realise personal, social and economic well-being;
  • enable participants to set goals and take steps to achieve them;
  • improve resiliance and the ability to effectively manage stress;
  • challenge and support developing a growth mindset;
  • develop core CBI employability skills;
  • give participants practical tools to take-away that better equip them to contribute, economically and socially.

We will also be on the lookout for participants who have the desire and potential to dleiver future equipped2succeed programmes to benefit their community.  

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