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Second Chance Learning

Managing wellbeing ........ 'the course has been life changing'

Participant reflecting on an equipped2succeed programme delivered by Loundsley Green Community Trust

'Initially, I was skeptical about attending the class. I had been referred by my occupational therapist, Sharon DuRose, and I thought there wasn't a lot I could be taught.

How wrong I was! I was immediately made welcome by the course trainers, who were warm and empathic. 

It was clear from the start that there was an excellent mix of skills among the trainers and this would not be a 'lecture' style event.

From the off, everyone was supported and encouraged to give 100%.

Although the course provided a great number of useful tools to facilitate life assessment and goal setting, I was most impressed by the holistic underpinning to the course structure.

Having had mental health issues, I was sensitive to the state of mind of the individual members of the group.

Although none would be classed as mentally ill, it was obvious that many were unhappy and unfulfilled, withdrawn and beaten.

I watched as the weeks unfolded, noting the effect of team building and support from the trainers on my group mates.

Talents were exposed, confidence was bolstered, and hopes were renewed. 

uncaptioned image

One lady said her new 'aura' of happiness had been noted at work.

Another lady was planning to set up a small celebration card business. I was prompted to ask if I could attend a training the trainer course.

I saw enormous potential for the course, particularly when our society's mental health problems are on the increase, while access to professional help in waning.

I believe people from any background or age could benefit from the lessons presented, and act as early intervention to future mental health issues.

Everyone came away better prepared for the stress of life and how to control it. I can say with my hand on heart, the course has been life changing.'

December 2016