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Second Chance Learning

Posted Dec. 16, 2016 at 4:36 p.m.

Celebrating Success - Loundsley Green Community Trust

equipped2succeed Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success at Loundsley Green Community Centre

“During the course I not only got a job but I’m sticking at it.  The course has given me a greater understanding of how people behave, and how I react.”

“Friends and family have commented on how much more confident I am.”

These are just some of the comments from the latest graduates of the latest equipped2succeed (e2s) programme in Chesterfield.  Another graduate explained how it had given her the confidence to start her own small business making and selling cards.  Before this she had never thought her skills were good enough.

Presenting their certificates Derbyshire County Councillor Stuart Brittain was visibly moved by the obvious impact of the course on day to day lives, and overall well-being of the whole group.  As another course graduate commented “I was ‘encouraged’ to do the course, but I’ve tried so many things, I came along not expecting much – but it has transformed my life.  I would like to go on to join the team who run the course so that more people can benefit from it”. 

Course graduates celebrated their success, cutting and sharing an e2s cake made by a graduate of an earlier course. 

For more information about equipped2succeed courses and Training the Trainer, please contact

Elizabeth Hoult 

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