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Second Chance Learning

Diverse Organisation / Company Award at Bex Live 2017   

We Won! Thank you to all those who voted for us.

As we walked towards the stage the compare said, “When they get on stage we’ll ask Second Chance Learning what makes them a diverse organisation.” As we walked up on stage she said, “No need to ask – we see it”.

The group of us who attended were symbolic of what SCLA is about – equipping individuals and organisations to improve outcomes for their clients and communities – second chance learners anyone held back or set back by personal challenges, circumstances or environment.

The Bex Live group were representative of the fantastic network we are growing #MakingADifference. They are people who believe in what we are aiming to achieve, people who have supported our development, people who undertook the pilot equipped2succeed training the trainer in 2014/15 and have gone on to equip others to positively transform their lives, people who have benefited from equipped2succeed programmes and are now making a real difference for themselves and their communities. 


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Everyone asks, ‘So what does second chance learning do?’ (I know it’s not necessarily too clear from our website – always a work in progress!)




Second Chance Learning provides exceptional training and support for organisations to add equipped2succeed to their tool-kit for clients.

We license organisations and individuals to deliver equipped2succeed programmes for second chance learners. equipped2succeed is a tried and tested development programme that gives people the tools to attain and maintain wellbeing, thrive and achieve their goals:

- building positive mindset, confidence and belief;

- raising aspiration and increasing motivation;

- improving ability to effectively manage relationships,

- equipping people to take more responsibility and improve

  personal, social, health and economic wellbeing;

- giving individuals the personal, learning and employability

  capabilities to make the most of opportunities to train, gain

  and retain volunteering and employment. 


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Take a few minutes to look at some of the incredible video testimonials from a few of the hundreds of people who have benefited from programmes trained equipped2succeed facilitators have delivered.

See some of the outcomes of our work:

You Tube:



Please email or call to find out more and arrange a meeting with Zahra and myself 


Beverley Burton



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