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Second Chance Learning

About Us


The Second Chance Learning Academy (SCLA) is run by individuals committed to making a real difference in people's lives.

We are committed to enabling second chance learners to thrive - those held back, or set back, by personal challenges, barriers, circumstances or environment.

We collaborate with organisations to improve holistic wellbeing - personal - health - social - economic wellbeing. 


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Board of Directors

Beverley Burton – Founder and Lead Trainer 

Beverley brings vast experience of successful work in education and in the community with learners of all ages and backgrounds. She realised many years ago that knowledge and skills are important, but they don't make the real difference in individuals reaching their potential and thriving. She researched what characteristics and capabilities empowered, enabled and equipped individuals to realise their potential, irrespective of their life story. This is the origin of her equipped2succeed Framework and Programmes – developing the Thinking, Attitudes and Behaviours that make the real difference and enable people to positively transform their lives. Beverley’s equipped2succeed Facilitator Training is enabling individuals and organisations to improve their positive impact. 

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Debbie Clarke 

Founder - debbiedooddah. Debbie's passion is supporting women to build profit-making businesses. She works specifically with women in business on digital and social media strategy but does so much more in her coaching and training - working with women on money mindset, confidence, packaging, getting out of your own way, time management, building a brand, creating content, developing a voice, building relationships. 


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Harriet Bacon

Harriet has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry in the UK and Australia; training, coaching and mentoring fitness professionals and running her own Personal Training Business. Her project and financial management skills are invaluable, and Harriet is responsible for the specific health and wellbeing elements of our programmes. From professional and personal experience, Harriet truly understands the importance of having the tools to maintain holistic wellbeing, achieve goals and thrive. 

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Zahra Butt  

An ABA Boxing Coach and Health Coach, Zahra believes in holistically developing Emotional, Physical Health and Wellbeing. After overcoming Depression, Obesity, PCOS and Endometriosis she has totally transformed her life and specialises in empowering women. Zahra joined our Board and becamce an equipped2succeed Licensed Facilitator after seeing the transformation in women during an equipped2succeed Programme. 

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Advisory Board 


SCLA Advisory Board - individuals with relevant lived and professional experience - representing diverse communities and communities of need.

Committed to our vision and purpose and informing our work 

Olivia Wood – Chair – with a range of experience in the voluntary and education sectors 

Karen Simpson – Vice Chair – Lead – Schools

Shagufta Ishaq – Community Insights 

Monica Kerr – Lead – e2s Trained Associate Network and Mental Health

Damien Henry – Lead – Young People and Gangs 

Damilola Akinsola – Previous SCLA Intern and Ambassador for Employability 

Jason Ametrine – Lead – In Recovery 

Oley Bah – Lead – Emerging African Communities  

Alya Jameel – Lead – equipped2succeed for Teenage Girls 

Evie India Szpuk – SCLA Intern – Drama Specialist 



       Second Chance Learning Academy

Bexellence Diverse Organisation Award 2017 

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